My story


My story is about a girl who loves filling her closet with the best of stuff. Color, glitter, exotic prints; these words are spelled out loud by my collection. To have some more fun with it, I decided to put it up and share my loot on a blog!

An important part of my collection are things that I get while travelling. I love visiting new places because you not only get to experience the culture and people, but you also get a chance to taste the fashion there. It helps me add unique collectibles to my fashion trunk, things that one wouldn’t see in the next door mall. Of course, the next door mall doesn’t lure me less, and I do have an equal part from there as well.

You will also a find a lot of information related to Fashion, Accessories and Fashion Reviews. I love exploring Indian Fashion and find myself intrigued by it, and hence writing about it will let me express my love for it.

An important part of my fashion journey was my education at National Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore. It has given me an opportunity to learn so much and look at things from a better perspective! Designing clothes and seeing them to come to life is a beautiful feeling!

In the world of fashion, not one day goes by where I am not fascinated by something I see. I hope to share these experiences and more with you!

Welcome to Closet Dance and I hope you enjoy reading the blog!

-Manasi 🙂



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