The Alika


The Alika, India’s rejoinder to Chanel’s tweed jacket or Burberry’s trench coat, is designed to be a classic under the label of JJ Valaya. The muse for this signature style is a fictitious woman named ‘Alika’.

‘Alika’, means ‘light’ or ‘the one who outshines others’. The Alika jackets have been doing justice to this name since 2010. A hybrid of a shirt and jacket, it shares its design philosophies with the traditional Indian garment from Rajasthan, the ‘Sadri’.


As the brand describes it, “This Jacket was born out of an urge to create something permanent in the impermanent world of fashion. To continuously adapt to the ever-changing spirit of fashion albeit, without losing its unique signature cut and salient details.”

Every collection sees the jacket in one distinctive style that is created as a limited edition of 12 jackets.


It would be interesting to see how the Alika creates a legacy of being a classic in the Indian and International geographic scene. Would it be difficult for it to find its place, considering how it hinges on ethnic lines and hence can be worn only on certain occasions and not necessarily be incorporated as something in everyday use? In Fashion, you can never really tell!




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