Aisles of Vines

A kind monsoon sun, aisles of vines, a hide and seek of grapes and a denim dress. A story of a weekend in the vineyards of Heritage Wines, nestled away in Ramnagar.



When I think of Vineyards, I think of beautiful sunsets and vintage wine. I wanted to wear something polished and at the same time, exuberant! A denim dress printed with cute white petal patterns seemed to be the right fit! It has a classy, clean cut but its prints give it all the fun!




My charms necklace was sitting in the closet for too long, it was time to give it some light of the day. It worked well with the monochrome indigo blue of the dress as there weren’t any other POA’s in the dress. It’s charmed with, if I can say so, a mirror, birds, playing cards, keys and a robot! What an erratic and adorable concoction!



We received a winery tour where we got to see how wine was made and bottled! We strolled leisurely in the vineyards later, where we almost forgot that a concept of time existed in the world. We were then taken for a session of wine tasting where I realized how I didn’t really know the right way of drinking wine, even though I’ve been having it for a long time! The best part of the experience was looking for signature aromas and tasting different notes. I have to admit; I was struggling to identify these things while others in the session were doing extremely well! Was it just something with my nose that day or does it seem ridiculous to think that wine can have notes of citrus, blueberry, grass and even vegetables?!



The experience ended on the sweetest note. Grape Stomping! We stomped and danced, while trying to keep our balance and not slip in the vat. This was how it was done traditionally and I loved it! It felt weird at first but we later got gung ho about completing our task!


It was a getaway that I favored all my senses! It’s always nice to do something new and different. And while we are doing that, lets dress like all the spotlights are on us!






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