Garlands of Eternal Love

A walk in the fields to the music of chirping birds, a visit to the oldest town in Karnataka, riding a rainbow on a ferry, and attending a beautiful wedding of two amazing people in the lush green landscapes of Sagar! That was the perfect way to spend a weekend.

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A pepper farm and the different stages of pepper!

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The oldest town in Karnataka – Banavasi, hosts the Madhukeshwara Temple dedicated to Shiva

The ride to Sigandhura on ferry that had us literally riding a rainbow!

A day prior to the wedding, the Haldi ceremony was conducted where family members apply a paste of turmeric and water to the bride and groom. An age old tradition, it is said to add a natural glow and also bring a state of calmness. Pre-wedding excitement was seen in everybody’s eyes!


It was especially such a treat to see these elderly women dressed in traditional Indian attire – simple and beautiful Irkal sarees paired with ‘khan’ blouses. When I asked if I could click their pictures, they showed such excitement and took their saree palloo over their heads and posed for the camera. Their antique nose rings and tattooed hands gave a glimpse of years I had not seen.

Hands down, these ear studs are the best accessory I saw at the wedding!
The bride’s grandmother was the happiest person!


Coincidental color coordination! Her cousins in blue and my friends in red.

For the wedding, I was dressed in a mustard saree gifted to me by the bride herself! I paired the monochrome saree with a vibrant blouse I got from Kolkata. The blouse had a rose applique on it which inspired me to add some roses to my hairdo. I braided my hair along the crown on either side and joined it behind to create a hair wreath. I tucked in two roses that I got from a street vendor on the way to the mantap! My friends were all dressed in beautiful silk sarees and jasmine flower strings. We did however spot a lot of mustard and yellow at the wedding, owing to the Spring-Summer influence maybe?



One thing to look out for in a South Indian bride’s attire is her hair braid. I loved the way hers was adorned and the way it contrasted against the turquoise of her saree. The bride and the groom wore beautiful headbands that framed their face perfectly for this special occasion.


The happy and proud mother hugs her sister and talks excitedly as the wedding takes place
The one who finds the ring first will be the dominating one! 😀

All the ceremonies followed each other like a beautiful string of pearls. The musicians weaved music as the muhurtham was followed by the Arundhati Nakshatra darshana. The binary star system of Arundhati and Vashista symbolize love and togetherness between a wife and husband.


Pointing to the binary star system of Arundhati and Vashista that symbolize love and togetherness.
The bride and groom have breakfast as friends look on
The gorgeous bridesmaids


It’s said that jewellery makes you look beautiful, I think she made the jewellery look beautiful.




I have never seen the groom pick up a camera during his wedding and click pictures of the bride! This was indeed so adorable. Ah, how I love these two!

A happy wedding is one where the bride and groom are laughing


Garlands and togetherness

The wedding ended with good memories of dressing up, food and seeing a best friend getting hitched! Those were indeed two happy days for me! To see a person you love so much embarking on a journey of marriage was pure happiness. I can only wish for eternal love for the two of them 🙂

And now again, it’s time to start preparing for the next two weddings 😉



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