Turning 26

A movie with a female protagonist, a Mediterranean lunch while wearing citrus hues and a Vietnamese dinner to culminate the day, what more could a girl ask for on her twenty sixth birthday? Some shopping maybe? Oh I had a sprinkle of that as well! 😉


In my pursuit of making my birthday the best day ever, it often boomerangs at me and I freak out if things don’t go the way I planned them. This birthday I was really glad that I let go and enjoyed things as they happened and gave room for spontaneity. Instead of packing every single hour with something to do, I put in just a few things and did them the best! I must say, it turned out to be an amazing birthday! 


For my birthday, I chose citrus hues. This lace dress from Zara fits so well at the waist and the back plunge sits perfectly on the back without slipping. I wore leggings under because this was all lace and it was cold too! Finding the perfect nude shade bra for this was a challenge as I wanted it to blend well with my skin tone under the lace. It also had to be deep at the back. I did find one in the end, just a day before! Phew!


It was all lime and turquoise. My heels weren’t that steep this time, and had a bold touch of defined lines with lime and turquoise color blocks. It was a perfect buy at FootIn. Sometimes you just end up getting the best things at the places you least expect it. After searching at places like Steve Madden and Aldo, at the end I went into this store and found my love!


I paired the lace dress with a three-layered necklace from Rue21. I got this nail polish from Maybelline’s graffiti line just the night before when I went out to get chips for my birthday! 😀 Shopping for only what you need is so impossible at times! 😛 It was such an impulse buy and seemed to be created just for this look!


And this bag! I don’t really need to say anything about it, do I? I loved patting its furry head 😀


I dined at places that had my favorite cuisines! It was Fava for lunch and Hanoi for dinner – a satiating palette! I also braided up my hair for dinner because I had some extra time in between and thought of re-doing the look!


I was gifted a beautiful Fossil watch and am I in love with it or what?! It is huge, it is classy, it is blingy and I am not complaining one bit – who complains about anything rose gold?! I generally don’t wear watches because I’m bad at reading analog time 😐 It just takes too much time for me to process those hands and those markings. This reminds me of some of the aptitude questions involving clocks that we used to have! Oh my! I am enamoured by this watch though, and I think over time I will be able to tell the time correctly 😉


I also got these amazing pieces of accessories from my sister and I love them because they are so me! The two-finger lips ring would go with my attire almost all the time because I mostly wear shades of red lipstick!

People often fear growing old, including me. When my sister said I just had 4 years to hitting the 30 milestone, I hollered at her words. Although there is a little part of me that is worried about going over the hills, the experiences and memories I have as I grow up will be something of great value to me, and I can confidently say that I do look forward to being a better version of me with every year that passes.


Note: The fur on the bag featured is faux.



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