The Touch of Hermès

The Hermès Store, Paris

The touch of a beautiful fabric is no less than the touch of a lover.

The Hermès scarves truly made me feel this.

Hermes Scarf
The iconic Hermès silk scarves comes in vintage and contemporary designs

The Hermès House of Scarves features a collection of the most mesmerizing scarves, pocket square, stoles, shawls and bandanas. Their prints seem to combine a taste for the contemporary with a touch of varied ethnicities. In cashmere and silk, the Hermès scarves feel beautiful.

Hermès has been making scarves since 1937, introducing only 20 new designs each year, and hence adding a flair of limited edition and exclusivity. Each new Hermès scarf takes around two years to make! This is attributed to the fact that each ‘carrés‘ or scarf goes through various stages at the famous silk center of France, Lyon. Designs are selected from artists around the world, and this is why Hermès scarves tend to have a wide spectrum of designs. The ‘engraver‘ looks at the selected designs and creates a screen for every color in the scarf, which is later used in the Screen printing process. A ‘colors committee‘ decides the color palette and the colors are then mixed to create the perfect pigments. Screen printing on silk is followed by post-printing processes needed to fix the dye. Voila! A Hermès scarf is now ready!

Hermes Logo
The legacy and heritage of 180 years is reflected in the logo – A duke carriage with a horse. The history behind this is that the founder of Hermès , Thierry Hermès was a harness maker, producing hand crafted saddles.

Every scarf reflects the story of the artist behind it. Ljubomir’s Bateau, as seen below, tells a story of his journey, from Serbia to Paris and finally New York – ‘a delightful voyage aboard a ship fitted with sails of flowers, in a sea of butterflies, fish and multicoloured birds. Like a wandering, waking dream…’

Bateau Fleuri
Bateau Fleuri – A Hermès silk twill scarf, designed by Ljubomir Milinkov adorns the walls of the store. The signature orange hues characteristic of Hermès are reflected in the store as well.
Silk Twill Bandanas
A Cashmere Scarf seems to resemble an animation strip of a horse in motion. Leather accents line the red scarf, creating a simple and clean look, but with a touch of country.

And as they say, “You are not dressed without one!”

A video showcasing their Silk Twill Scarves for the Autumn-Winter 2015 collection would be a perfect ending to the post, enjoy it!


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