Deciphering Nathalie Trad AW15 Collection


A canvas of seashells comes alive with strokes of copper lines chiseled onto it. Exotic woods stand out in contrast against stainless steel. These are the mediums that designer Nathalie Trad chooses for her geometric oeuvres.

‘Cipher 1.61’, is the Autumn Winter 2015 Collection launched by the brand. The pieces in this collection take inspiration from the ‘Golden Ratio’ as evident by the use of ‘1.61’ in the name. The collection focuses on how the golden ratio governs the proportions of universe. It seeks to observe and draw inspiration from nature, which displays the golden ratio through a variety of creations, and reconstruct this knowledge to produce geometric pieces of art.Nathalie Trad Bags

“Cipher 1.61, from the initial act of putting pen to paper, has been a quest to unravel and reassemble this language, this web of codes, through the sculptural harmony of shapes, materials, lines and textures. This collection is our journey, our visual interpretation of the universal geometric order.

Nathalie Trad Bags

What I love about the bags is the balance of power and calmness. The sharp geometric lines give a strong definition to the bag, while the smooth seashells and lustrous metallic surfaces give a sense of being at peace, a chance to see oneself in the reflection of the design.

With a design team in Dubai and production team in Philippines, Nathalie Trad launched her inaugural collection in 2013. Since then, she has drawn design inspirations from kaleidoscopic illustrations of insects, patterns in nature, cubism and futurism, and intersections between the real and surreal world.

Strong design philosophies, unique materials and exclusive craftsman have helped create a distinct brand image for Nathalie Trad. It would be exciting to see what form the designs take in the forthcoming collections.


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