Kick some ass!

Ultraviolet Style
Kick some Ass!

Who can forget this iconic line from the movie ‘Ultraviolet‘ – “Are you one-tenth as pissed off as I am?” Violet, the protagonist, makes sure she establishes a point before launching herself into fight-mode.

Her fearless attitude and futuristic fashion style made me create an Ultraviolet inspired Style set. Granted, it wouldn’t be easy to get a sword and casually carry it around, but we can still put together an outfit like this when we decide to go biking or simply want to strut out in our leather pants.

I’ve kept the look dark with leather pants and a mesh halter top with a short violet jacket. The classic midriff sported by Violet won’t be missed out in this one! Dark violet lipstick is enough to create a statement and smokey eyes add an element of mystery. A Sci-Fi hero is also incomplete without a pair of shades!


Inspired? Take it to the next level by dyeing your hair a shade of purple! But please don’t slay anyone! The sword is only for suggestive purposes 😛

This blog post is dedicated to my sister Neha, an ardent fan of the movie and this famous line! Is your style inspired by any superhero movies? Do let me know in the comments below!


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