Three colors of Pride

India celebrates it’s Independence Day today! It makes me proud to be part of a country that has a past of rich history and heritage; a present where I see so much change coming through in terms of people’s attitude, development and innovation; and I can only envision a brighter future for our country and hope to be a part of it!

India has given me a rich life emotionally – I have felt peace in its mountains and valleys, I have felt happiness in its festivals and food, love for my family and friends, curiosity in learning its history and art, pride in its achievements; and sadness in the struggle that still exists.


Dress your heart up in its colors and celebrate every single moment that has made India what it is today! The streets are decked up with flags, school kids prepare to hoist the flag at their schools wearing the tricolor, flags and pins are being sold at the traffic signals; celebration is truly in the air!

Independence Day India
The streets of Bangalore! Get a flag and display it with pride!

Dressed in white, with a Indian Flag pinned on, I am going to be part of the celebration too! Happy Independence Day! 🙂2015-01-27 11.08.41


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