Condom Couture at the Museum of Sex

What do you do with a bunch of quality-rejected condoms? Dispose them? That was not what artist Adriana Bertini had in mind. 1200 condoms came together for the exhibit ‘Rubbers: The Life, History and Struggle of the Condom‘ at the Museum of Sex, New York.

Condom Dress
The ‘Condom Dress’ at MoSex

Adriana hand-cuts, dyes and sews the condoms to create couture collections. She hopes that by translating it into a form of a day-to-day item such as a dress, she can help people accept it as a normal part of their lives. A Brazilian artist, she decided to use fashion for AIDS awareness after working with HIV positive children as a volunteer for GAPA.

Do it Right Condom Culture
A campaign poster by Condom Couture

In her own words, she expresses her passion for the movement; “The focus is not on wearing my gowns, but on introducing condoms into everybody’s lives, breaking taboos and giving the public a chance to ponder.” 

Overall, the Museum of Sex was an experience like no other! Exhibits like ‘The Eve of Porn’, ‘The Sex Lives of Animals’, period art and photography, gave me insights on sexuality like never before.

I would like to leave you all with this interesting video on the ‘History of Condoms’:


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