What to Wear While Baking

The Baking Style Guide
The Baking Style Guide

My sister and I happened to bake cupcakes the other day and we loved the way they turned out! We had so much of fun watching them grow in the oven, then taking them out and dressing them up with icing, sprinkles, eyes and bows. Each one had its own personality! We even went so far as to add nerd candies and sour candy rainbows for decorations!

Baking Cupcakes
Our little Cupcakes!

This inspired me to create a baking style guide! I’ve put together a cupcake printed apron, to protect you while whipping that batter. Some towels handy, if you happen to get the dough on your hands, or after licking the dough impatiently! 😀 Aprons give me such a retro feeling and this made me add a retro check headband to hold back hair while doing all that hard work. Yes, we need cute shoes too! Good shoes are a must no matter what you are doing! Mitts, most importantly, to keep your hands safe while pulling out the freshly baked cupcakes!

When you bake in style, be assured that your cupcakes will turn out to be delicious!

Bon Appetite, Happy Baking!


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