At the Drop of a Hat

Hat Shop

Vintage Advertisements have an old-time charm associated with them. The simplicity of the illustrations are loved to this day! This advert of a ‘Hat Shop’ at the Savannah History Museum, brings to light the history of millinery and the importance of hats in earlier times. Millinery, the art of designing and manufacturing couture hats, derives its namefrom ‘Milener’, meaning a person belonging to Milan or trade done in Milan. Hat Shop This shop in the advertisement has different types of clientele–women, men and young children as well. This advert can be traced to the period of 1800’s-1900’s based on the types of hats shown. We can see ‘Top Hats’ for the men and ‘Bonnets’ for the Women.

How have the hats evolved today? Well, the picture below shows it quite well!  It’s not so much about expressing class and fineness, but today we seek to express ourselves through our clothing. This monster hat is my favorite, it is fun and expressive! Plus, it keeps my ears warm and I don’t need to maintain all the feathers and plumes! 😀

Modern Hats
Now, this is what I need!

Illustration for the Bonnets and Top Hat from


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