Agate Aspirations


There are always situations when you go accessory hunting for the new dress you got. But then there are those times when the earrings are so pretty you need to buy a dress to go with it!

I was gifted a pair of beautiful Amrapali Earrings by my sister,  and I love the elegant and royal look exuded by it. The Moss Agate rests peacefully grounded in a gold plated frame inspired in design by the Peacock’s feather. Delicate gold strings run down, creating the illusion of ruffled feathers. A drop of stone hangs at the end, completing the masterpiece in all entirety.

I paired these earrings with my emerald kurti in chiffon. With an elaborate yolk comprising of gold sequins embroidery on a velvet base, this dress was the perfect companion to the grand earrings. It was important for me to make sure that the design on the earrings and the embroidery on the dress appeared to evolve from the same design philosophy.

A golden clutch with checkered brocade in dull gold helped me complete my look. As it was just an evening out, it was essential to not overwhelm the look with too much gold. The dull gold finish helped in this aspect.

Golden Clutch - Amrapali Earrings
A Clutch in dull gold with the Amrapali Agate Earrings

I let the ensemble be the point of focus, and decided to go with light make-up. I left my hair loose to let the earrings stand out against the black of the hair.

Agate is said to help you make a better connection with the Earth and also help release your inner creativity. It is always a good feeling to wear jewelry that has an associated story with it, even if it may appear mythical. I had a wonderful time getting dressed that day! What are the stones that you have a liking towards? Do write in the comments below, I would love to hear!


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