Under Cover

The Savannah History Museum showcases the history of Savannah through a collection of over 10,000 artifacts. It is housed within what was originally a Railway shed that was used until the 1972’s!

It was here that I got to see a fragment of history that has its influence on fashion today. ‘Under Cover: Quilts, Coverlets and Creativity’, features different variations of quilting techniques such as Long Cabin, Album, Kaleidoscopic, Pin Wheel Pattern and Star Pattern. It was incredible to see how recycled fabric could look so beautiful! Adding to the charm was the fact that some of these quilts were more than a 100 years old.

Kaleidoscopic Design, colourful fabrics come together to create a piece of beauty
Long Cabin Quilting Technique on a Quilt over 100 years old. This pattern is created by forming a central square that is enlarged by adding sequences of light and dark strips around it.
The Star Quilt Pattern and Basket Pattern rest behind a linen gown from the period of Civil War in Savannah.
A 200 years old Floor Loom used for Quilting

The floor loom featured here is over 200 years old and a four-harness loom. More harnesses are required for more intricate designs. The threading done here is a plain weave, a classic of the two harness loom.

The world of fashion has taken inspiration from Quilts on many occasions. Quilted dresses to Quilted bags, the influence is quite widespread.

Jasper Conran, SS13, London Fashion Week
Balmain, Spring 2014, Paris Fashion Week

Where exactly is this place?


What is the admission fee?

$7 for adults

More on the different fashion exhibits at the Savannah History Museum coming up in the following posts 🙂


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