The Quirk at Little Five Points, Atlanta

A melting point of sub-cultures, Little Five Points is a small district within Atlanta. Famous for it’s Alternative Culture, stores like ‘Junkman’s Daughter’, ‘Psycho Sisters’ and ‘Rag-o-Rama’ are peppered around Little Five Points and boast of vintage, thrift, costume, kinky, goth and punk fashion.


Junkman’s Daughter

This was the first store at L5P that I stepped into, and one gaze around the huge store left me wanting to explore every little corner at once! It has things ranging from Fetish Items to Pony Lunch Boxes and Kinky Lingerie to Onesies.

Spreading their wings across Little Five Points
Unicorn Platform Sneakers, Onesies, Hamburger Heels, Army Jackets, Studded Bras, Punk and Goth Clothing – Where can you find all this under one roof?

Psycho Sisters

If there’s a costume party you’re planning to go to, a visit to Psycho Sisters is a must! It also offers Vintage Clothing and some of the most funky accessories ranging from Wigs, Boas and Flapper inspired headbands. If you choose not to go too edgy, you can also pick some unique accessories, that when paired with solid colors, create quite a statement.

The windows greet you with some kinky lingerie 😉
Run your hands down the faux Fur, faux Leather and sequins as you walk down the aisle.
Need colourful wigs? Ruffled Boas? They have racks of them!

The Clothing Warehouse

This ‘warehouse’ has the best organized vintage clothing I have ever seen. You feel a peaceful wave sweep over you when you see the obmre organization at the store. You can also find country-inspired fashion here accompanied by a wide range of boots.

The bright red building calls you inside
An ombre organization of Vintage. A perfect match and great organization. A row of boots sits on top of a row of vintage garments.


A thrift store with the tagline ‘Buy Trade Sell’, this store offers some interesting retro and vintage clothing.

Instead of spending money, why not sell or trade in your clothes at Rag-O-Rama?

Where exactly is this place?,+Atlanta,+GA+30307,+USA/

Where do I get additional information?

On their amazing website:

How is the Pricing?

Prices are not low, as one would expect of thrift shops. Most of the stores have a moderate-to-high price range. I feel it is attributed to the fact that these are one-of-a-kind pieces.

How is the experience? What should I expect?

Go with an open mind, and you will have an amazing experience! If your taste in fashion matches to what this place has to offer, then there is a treat like no other, you would certainly feel at home. However, if that is not the case, allow yourself to explore and stumble upon something new! The people here are extremely sweet and will help you around. Also, don’t go with a list of things to buy, let it surprise you!

You will also be surrounded by some nice graffiti, so let the colors and expressions soak in while you walk around.

Art meets Fashion!

Where do I go eat after all that shopping?

Don’t worry, there are plenty of restaurants here where you can rest your tired feet. Make sure you try out Vortex, it is the definition of Little Five Points through the language of food! 😀

Did I dress well? No, I didn’t! This is not how you dress and head to a district like Little Five Points! 😀 I’m sure you have a pretty good idea of the kind of merchandise you get here and seeing the way I was dressed, I thought I was completely out of place! But every store was so welcoming and the people were so nice, that all that I was engrossed in was studying the clothes and allowing myself to be surprised!

A cream headband, pink lipstick and a cute denim shirt with white printed hearts. Not in line with the fashion at L5P! 😀

Let L5P add a little quirk to your wardrobe, have fun shopping! 🙂



  1. Beauty lies on how one sees and perceive the things. You definitely observed a very broader goodness in Atlanta. All the best and wish you would explore more places and share your good observations.

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