Khadi Utsav 2015 at Freedom Park


Visiting the Khadi Gram Udyog Exhibition was like taking a walk through the different states of India. When you enter you are greeted by a weaver weaving on a traditional handloom mill and the charka. The first rows mostly comprise of khadi materials and garments, followed by assortments of stalls representing different states from across India.

With over 340 stalls featuring cottage industry products, it was inspiring to see them uphold and promote our traditional fabrics and handloom industry. We must laud these entrepreneurs and encourage them by purchasing locally; increased sales will provide them a better livelihood, sustain the handloom industry and traditional Indian craftsmanship. The benefits that we gain are many, ranging from good discounts because of the rebates offered to the sellers at these centers, a wider range of products and a chance to explore the various facets of the Indian Garment Industry.

Different varieties of products that you can choose from here are –

  1. Khadi – Fabric, Men’s shirts, Women’s Kurta largely from Karnataka.
  2. Fabrics – Raw Silk, Silk, Kalamkari, Batik.
  3. Ikat Sarees.
  4. Hand painted Sarees.
  5. Sambalpuri Sarees from Orissa.
  6. Illkal from Karnataka.
  7. Jamdhani, Baluchari, and Kantha work Sarees from West Bengal.
  8. Kalamkari Dress Materials
  9. Kashmiri Embroidery Dresses and Duppattas.
  10. Phulkari Dresses from Punjab.
  11. Rajasthani Kurtis.


I purchased a Phukari dress for myself as I have been desiring one for ages! Apart from fabrics and clothes, there were various other stalls for toys from Channapatna, Terracotta accessories, décor and art pieces, leather and jute products, and footwear. There are a lot of food stalls as well, and you do need to take a break and gorge on tasty homemade chips and fried groundnuts as you make your way through this large exhibition.

Located at Freedom Park Bangalore, it is indeed a great place to go shopping this weekend. The government has allocated 38 crores for the Khadi Industry, and we can do our bit by visiting these expos and buying locally to promote traditional artisans and weavers. Please don’t bargain with the sellers here, as most of the products are handcrafted and a lot of effort and expertise goes into making them. they deserve a good price.

Promote the Indian Handloom Industry and keep the traditional craftsmanship alive!


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