Bangalore Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015 by Deepika Govind


Deepika Govind did great justice to the art and architecture of Hampi by presenting a collection based on this historic city. Raw Silk was seen to be the integral fabric in her creations, with motifs of lotus, wheels and different stone carvings that are seen in the monuments of Hampi. An interesting feature seen throughout was the use of innovative draping techniques, inspired by the drapes of the saree.

The show started with pleated jumpsuits having an underplay of ikat and minimal ornamentation. Colors used in the collection were the earthy tones ranging from brick reds to and indigo blues.

Elegant Sarees with prints of the old kannada script were then showcased, but with a short sarong like piece tied around the waist in the same color palette as the saree. Wheels from the famous chariot at Hampi were featured on the palloo.

Dresses and Full length draped skirts were paired with jackets and thin pleated duppattas. Similar to the twist added to the sarees, the skirts were paired with longer pieces of wraps that featured embroidery akin to the rows of carvings on the platforms of the Vitalla Temple at Hampi. A crop top, long skirt and a long jacket all in raw silk with subtle gold embroidery created a royal look befit to the royalties of the kingdom of Vijayanagara. Prints with motifs of paisleys, flowers and leaves in pink, blue and green were featured on cream silk.

Sayali Bhagat was the showstopper and she looked regal in gold and mulberry. Deepika Govind walked down in a brick red dress after showcasing her regal collection that was a tribute to Hampi.

A Brief Summary

Materials Used – Raw Silk, Silk, Mooga Silk, Cotton and Chiffon

Color Palette – Pastel Lime, Copanhagen Blue, Seafoam, Plum, Cream, Gold, Mustard, Coral, Magenta, Brick Red.Color Palette

Motifs – Gold embroidered Lotus, Wheel, Carving on temple monuments from Hampi.

Embroidery – Gold and Dull Gold, delicate and intricate embroidery similar to stone carvings.

Prints – Motifs of paisleys, flowers and leaves in pink, blue and green on cream silk.

Garment Elements – Crop Tops, Long open jackets, floor length draped skirts, innovative wraps, pleated duppattas and sarees.


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